Akce 5+2

Free parking in blue zones
in the city centre

There is no need to search for public parking anymore. You are permitted to park in blue zones in Prague 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 with our cars. The parking spaces are marked with blue horizontal stripes on the road and parking zone traffic sign.

The blue zones are present in every street and make up most of the available parking. You can use them for free regardless of the location and length of parking. Our cars are equipped with parking cards which are displayed on the windscreen of the car and allow you to park without restrictions.

The average cost of parking in the centre of the city is 80 CZK per hour. In addition, paid places are almost always taken. You won’t have this problem with our cars.

If you park an average of 5 hours a day in blue zones instead of paid parking spaces, you can save up to 400 CZK per day.

Free charging
at public charging station

When you rent the electric car you will receive a special recharge card for it. You can use it free and charge your electric car at all the charging stations operated by ČEZ a. s. or PRE a. s.

Find the charging stations map here:




Compared to a conventional petrol car you save 200 CZK every 100 kilometres.

If you drive 200 km a day, you save up to 400 CZK.

Ecological and silent driving,
CO2 free

  • Both types of cars we offer are powered by a pure electric energy.
  • Be socially responsible and help save the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • In addition, you are completely silent. The sound of the car’s engine doesn’t disturb the others around you.

Volkswagen e-up!

Range: up to 150 km on full charge
Charging speed: Empty battery in 15 minutes

Volkswagen e-Golf

Range: up to 200 km on full charge
Charging speed: Empty battery in 15 minutes

Why is our electric Car better
than a conventional Car?

With us you can park for free in the city centre and save on average 400 CZK a day on paid parking. You can also charge the car without any limits for free in the ČEZ and PRE charging station network. Compared to a conventional car you save more than 400 CZK on fuel if you drive 200 km per day. The amount you pay per a rental day is the same as the amount you save with the zero cost of using the electric car. In addition, you drive ecologically and be socially responsible.

You can save up to 800 CZK per day